How Can We Make Your Hardware Cheaper, Safer and More Efficient?

Visualytes Ltd will provide you with a dedicated server to host your website and any other systems you have from us, so you won’t be sharing servers with anyone. We’ll take on all ongoing requirements, including both routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

One of the biggest dilemmas for an SME is what to do about hardware such as servers. Using your own can be expensive, not only due to the capital outlay, but also because of the space you need for the servers, not to mention the ongoing maintenance. On the other hand, if you outsource your hardware requirements, you have to share with other


users, creating worries about security. We’ll also provide powerful, high-quality VPS hosting, using both hardware and software that’s state of the art. Most importantly, your VPS can be fully customised to your own needs, including the operating system of your preference.

For all these services, we offer packages that fit your level of requirements and are easily scalable for your changing needs.