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Working with the Visualytes team was a well-structured experience. Coding tasks and expectations were agreed from the outset and clearly visible on the Trello dashboard. Our requirements and feedback were implemented in a timely fashion. Would recommend dealing with them.

Steve Munson

Studio Creatives Services

About Studio Creatives Services

SCS is a creative solutions company based in Swindon that creates a big impact, specialising in graphic design, printing, signage, merchandise, and bespoke manufacturing and focus on providing quality, cost-effective, creative solutions for large and small businesses. SCS offers a full range of creative solutions, from design to production and delivery – and pretty much everything else in between. This means Clients can use them as a complete end-to-end solution to meet your marketing goals or just cherry-pick the bits they need. Either way, SCS always takes the time to understand the client's objectives and offer advice on the most effective solutions for their business. So whether the client is after a new brand, brochure or website, or just needs a few flyers printing, SCS will consider each and every detail to ensure the client's project is fit for purpose. SCS has over 30 years experience working in the creative print sector and has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients over the years including global brands, government bodies and specialist companies such as; Audi, BP, Intel, Research Councils, Harley Davidson, and Xerox to name but a few. But it’s not just about the big names – SCS is pleased to be working with a mixture of businesses from all walks of life, shapes, and sizes.

Executive Summary

Steve Munson, the owner of Studio Creative Services, was introduced to our Managing Director with the requirement to assist with the website development of a project which had been left incomplete and in part production. Steve had been referred to Visualytes by one of our existing clients who had experienced a good level of service from us. Already having a basic website in place, there was a need to create a more professional and graphics oriented site that was more in keeping with the nature of the business. One of the key features of the website was a means to showcase the work produced by Studio Creative Services and the team over the past and future years, also with the ability to be easily updated by the client as new work was produced, hence it was important that every part of the website should be CMS based.

The Challenge

Studio Creative Services was combining rebranding their company and creating a new website together, and had engaged a company to do this job, but it transpired quite quickly that the supplier was inappropriate and incapable of delivering the desired outcome. Having wasted two months with no output, no draft presentation, no updates on project progress, concerns turned into frustration and it became a challenge to complete the rebranding process without a website. Being a creative company, there was a clear outline of what was wanted and all the design resources were provided for the website development. After a lot of chases, Steve finally received a draft website from the company which was sadly way below expectations, turning out to be just a default installation of the WordPress theme. This had now become business-critical, due to holding back on marketing until a new and revised website was online, the decision was made to seek alternative support. We were gladly engaged, evaluated the below challenges after having the first conversation with Steve, and began a swift implementation process. Steve

  • Was losing time
  • Had lost fund
  • Had zero transparency in project progress
  • Had lost trust on web companies
  • Was blocked progressing with his further marketing plan due to project delay

The Solution

With a website layout identified, brand guidelines in hand, clear direction given by Studio Creative Services, we began the process of implementing their new brand guidelines to the new website, including some slick animation graphics, dotted around the site and other clever graphic elements. The process and expectations were clearly laid out to the client before work commenced which also involved utilising a project management system that our development team and client had access to, allowing full transparency of the project from start to finish. This included a common chat group between the client, Project Managers, Developers, Designers, and every other individual involved in the project. We delivered the first draft of the website within 20 days which maintained our client’s confidence in the project and our ability to deliver it. Certainly, there was some scope creep that had not been considered by the client at the start, but it did not affect our timeline at all as we managed to chip in some additional resources on the project. We worked swiftly and delivered a beautifully programmed website in the fixed timeframe of 2 months within the agreed budget.

Process followed during the delivery

Our Process

Contract Signing

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As soon as we agreed on the proposal of the project, we sent out the contract with the project scope, timelines, expectations of both parties, cost and other t&c's.

Requirement understanding

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Steve shared all the documents from the previous developer but very soon we understood that created artifacts are not fit for the purpose and we have to discard the previous work and start the project from scratch. We finished our requirement gathering after several calls and file exchange with Steve.

UI and Framework development

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We received the branding details in a presentation from Steve and created the first UI draft and WordPress set up within the two to three weeks and submitted it to Steve for review.


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We started the development of the logical functionality on the website and started cementing all the requirement in the project which was finished in three to four weeks after framework finalisation

Client review implementation

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The project was submitted for review to Steve to provide the related contents, images and any minor update required in the project. As soon as we received the feedback from Steve, those were implemented within a few days.

Scope creep implementation

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Steve realised after finalisation of the development that he needs a few more changes and enhancement on some pages and some logical functionalities to be added on the site. Respecting his thoughts without delaying it we incorporated those changes and were ready for the second review.

Client second review implementation

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Steve received the site for the second review and shared few minor tweaks required on the site. We happily implemented them and were ready for the deployment on his domain

Final delivery

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We set the site on his domain and handover the entire code base to Steve in a Zipped package.

Training and support

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We trained Steve and his team in several stages so that they can manage the site on their own and they do not need to come back to us again and again. We promised to support the website for three months free of cost.

The Result

The website we designed not only helped the client showcase his work in the best way, but also helped him drive more traffic to the website. This was made possible by making the website mobile-friendly along with displaying the previous work in the best way. The website loads fast and is designed effectively that it gains visitors' attention at first glance. Along with displaying all his work to the best, the content management easiness ensured that the website will bring a lot of success to his business. The client is more than happy and satisfied with the final design of the website.