Thorney Park Golf Club

Website Redesign for Golf Club and End to End Digital Marketing for Golf Club

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"I wonder what magic you guys must have done to recover our ROI and generate annual revenue in just a couple of months, despite 2020 being a pandemic year. I appreciate your effort for the Thorney park golf club. Visualytes is the perfect partner for us."

Andrew Killing

Director at Thorney Park Golf Club

"I can't recommend enough and let you know that you guys do an excellent job. I'm glad we decided to work with you. It's great to see how easy our website is to update and manage. I never have any problem at all. Our new site is so much faster and easier to work. It used to take me an hour or more to update a page, and I would still sometimes screw things up on our old website. Now it's almost like having a designer right here with me. I choose the page, make the change, and click save. It's so simple. Thanks, guys!”

Matthew Potter

PGA Professional at Thorney Park Golf Club

Thorney Park Golf Club

About Thorney Park Golf Club

Thorney Park Golf Club is a friendly golf club based in Iver that welcomes visitors, members, and golf societies with excellent bar and catering facilities provided by their experienced franchisee Kelly Evans and her staff. Kelly's bar and restaurant is open all day to welcome everyone, with a fantastic menu. Their resident PGA Professional is Matthew Potter, and his expertise is coaching. He has his own Matthew Potter Golf Academy with a state-of-the-art Golf Studio, including a launch monitor and simulator on site. Matthew also stocks and runs the Pro Shop and deals with all golfing bookings and enquiries, including golf societies. The Pro Shop also administers the many monthly medals and other competitions. All of them at Thorney Park Golf Course promote a friendly atmosphere, and they have a relaxed attitude towards golfing attire and the use of mobile phones, as they strive to ensure that golfer's experience at the club is a memorable one.

Executive Summary

Andrew Killing, Director of Thorney Park Golf Club, approached our Managing Director over a phone call and requested a meeting to discuss their company website and End to End Digital Marketing plan. Andrew was referred to Visualytes by Matthew Wildeman, who was already experiencing an adequate level of service. Andrew mentioned during the meeting that they have an elementary website and a Facebook page, which was managed by their IT manager, but after his sudden death, they are trapped in a situation where they can't manage their website also doesn't have full control of their any social media account. They also wanted to redesign the new website as the current one was build ages ago and was not according to the current marketing standards. Andrew wanted to get the existing website replaced in two months as their new year was about to start six months down the line. Andrew planned his whole annual marketing budget with our Managing Director with a vision of increased membership selling via the website.

The Challenge

With the sudden death of the IT manager, several challenges arose in front of TPGC. They had no one else to manage the website and social media accounts. Some pages were broken of the current website; hence they were losing the membership enquiries every day, and the existing member did not have a pleasant experience on the website. They only had managerial access on the Social media platform; hence, they could not manage the social media account with full control. The current marketing plan was charted to generate more membership sales and retain existing clients. We evaluated the below challenges after the first meeting.

The Solution

We analysed the current situation and proposed to deliver a beautifully designed website in a fixed timeframe of 2 months after understanding all his needs and requirement gathering as the new financial year was about to start in a couple of months. We put together an End-to-End Marketing plan for TPGF, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Campaigns, and a member retention program planned immediately after the new website is launched. We contacted the Facebook support team to retrieve the account access with full rights. We redesigned the Thorney Park Golf Club website with clear membership plans and easy to use for customers. Since the new website was CMS-based, it enabled them to manage and update the website at their convenience. We also managed to retrieve some of their lost enquiries on the previous website.

Process followed during the delivery

Our Process

Contract Signing

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After understanding the requirements, both the parties came to a common ground, and the contract was signed for website development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Campaign, and Offline Marketing.

Website Details recovery

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We got in touch with the Domain Provider and Hosting Provider to recover the website credentials and ownership details to begin the project.

Presented Digital Marketing Plan

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We offered an end-to-end digital marketing plan to increase their online presence and boost membership requests.

Desinged the new website

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We designed a completely new website for Thorney Park Golf Club inclusive of all the details they required.

Client Implementation of the website

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The client was presented with the website and was asked for any changes or modifications to be done further. They were impressed with the final website look and functionality.

Implementation of SEO on the site

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The first impression is indeed the last one, and that is where your business logo and a strong branding strategy can help boost the conversion rate.

Social Media Account Recovery

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We coordinated with the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Support teams to recover their frozen account. It was crucial to keep them active on the social media network.

Social Media Page Enhancement

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We agreed to fix the weak links in their social media accounts to ensure a professional look.

Email Campaign

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Email campaigns were planned and scheduled regularly to bring more members to their club and keep the present ones engaged.

Rise in Membership

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Thorney Park Golf Club was overwhelmed with the flow of membership subscriptions, beyond their handling capacity.

Website Support and Marketing

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We are continuing with the Website Support and Marketing activities for them.

The Result

Thorny Park Golf Club saw a new light with its digital makeover by Visualytes. TPGC Member and website users were pleased with the new website and shared their excellent feedback. Request for the new membership was reaching directly to them from the new website with an easy automation process. Social media marketing increased its digital presence and public awareness and raised social media engagement by 300% to 400%. Search Engine optimisation increased the new membership registration, and they managed to sell all membership categories in less than two months. Their entire expected annual revenue was covered with two months from the start date of Marketing. They were delighted with the result.