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Online shopping has given a whole new experience to people who are constantly looking for a change in style, easy access to the latest gadgets, or just want to buy essential grocery items.
Retail businesses have seen great success with the increasing number of online shoppers for almost all items.

So what makes an e-commerce website most-visited? Is it the design? Is it the product listing? or something else? Let us find out 10 must-have features for any e-commerce website.


About 80 to 90% of online visitors will leave a shopping website when asked to register before making a purchase. The idea should be to keep things simple for anyone using your e-commerce website. When a person is looking for a particular product, it is distracting to see numerous ads and pop-ups about the latest products.

You should try to make the search results appear faster. For example: Try to suggest similar items like the one they searched or purchased before. Include a variety of filter options for all the products. The user should be able to make a choice using these features and not get frustrated. You must make sure that the user experience is not hampered even when viewed on the mobile application.