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Importance of a Dedicated Web Hosting Service

Every small and big business investments require a strong foundation to stand strong. And, every website needs to have a reliable hosting provider which is worth every penny spent.
What is the use of your online identity (your website) if it keeps on crashing every minute? Choosing the right hosting provider is as important as choosing the right web developer for your website. Like other important elements in a digital marketing plan, think deep before selecting a web hosting service. Here are the top reasons why a dedicated hosting provider is a great asset to your business?

Maximum Up-time

Poor hosting service can disrupt your website performance and may suffer breakdown too often. A website that does not display proper content and often stops working will not be liked by customers. A dedicated hosting provider will protect your website from malicious attacks and resolve any issues coming up during a process. It is the duty of the web hosting provider to ensure your website has a maximum up-time and reduction in bounce rate.

Dedicated resources

When you choose a dedicated web hosting server, all its resources belong to you exclusively. There will be no other devices or applications serving the server space and slowing down the system. You will have complete access to the server bandwidth and your website will be running
without interruptions.

Superior Performance and Security

A well-designed website needs a good bandwidth and speed support to provide that excellent user experience. Only a reliable hosting provider will do the needful for this. A dedicated host offers top performance and security for your website. You get access to high power, bandwidth, and storage for your website. A dedicated hosting service keeps a watch on your website all the time. They often have skilled technicians who can fix any glitches required here and there.

Safe From Attacks

A dedicated provide gives particular server access exclusive to your company. This means your data is secured from outside attack and is under your control.
The designated server comes with firewalls, and network monitoring, and restricted access control to safeguard your data from malware and internet hacks. Another advantage is data separation through which you can protect your internal customer data and confidential information by adding an additional security level. This way you are preventing denial of service attacks by keeping your data separate from the hosting company’s services.


A market condition is never constant and businesses are often required to adapt to the sudden shift in waves. A dedicated hosting service will interpret your changing business priorities as and when needed. You can modify your existing services to incorporate the requirements of a new challenge. The flexibility to customise the server capacity as per your needs is a great benefit for your company. Considering the importance of customer satisfaction, businesses need to keep upgrading their strategies with changing times. Adapting to a rapidly changing environment without losing on the core values and offering constant service will attract more customers. A dedicated server will provide you with that level of flexibility.

Technical Support

If you are a company offering online sales of products or booking of services, then it is important to have a steady website. For that, timely technical support is definitely required. Every time your website displays an error to a customer, you are losing a valuable deal. If you lack the technical expertise to manage your website, your hosting provider will be supporting your technical pitfalls by resolving errors on time.

“Apart from providing you a devoted space on the world wide web, a good hosting provider safeguards your online reputation. So, invest in choosing the right partner for your website to keep your customers satisfied. Though a dedicated hosting service might cost you more than a shared server, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Visualytes has been supporting several businesses to secure their data and their website in excellent condition. Let us know if you are willing to take that path to upgrade your website performance and security.”